Move Beyond Limitations!

At the heart of Qualify of the Administration module which allows you to configure your entire quality world. Move beyond Folders, Tasks and Defects. Let’s take a simple example, what about storing Issues separately to Defects? After all the reality is that every issue discovered during UAT will become a defect. 

Define the statuses, for example that a Defect can reach. Specify which should be regarded as ‘Open’ or ‘Closed’. Give them a colour, choose their displayed sequence. 

If you don’t like the name of a property on the Defect, change it, delete it. Make it compulsory, optional or read only. The options and many more are all there. Build virtual columns into the Defect specify an hourly rate and let a Qualify caclculate the cost of each defect. And that’s only the start. Qualify provides close of triple the number of property types compare to a legacy product such as HP QC. 

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Start Saving