SAP upgrade or roll-out? It’s ok, the users will test it..but how do you sell quality to management?

In theory, investing in an expensive SAP style application brings a slew of benefits, such as reduced development costs and reduced headcount, improved functionality and features that reflect all the latest technology advancements. This results in even greater financial significance being given to your core SAP  platform.


Given the added value to the business, there is also a question of who benefits more, business users or IT? Additionally, to ensure smooth and efficient adoption or on-going updates, testing is critical. This creates further, unique challenges;

Who owns the testing process? One thing is for sure is that if testing is all manual it is a great deal of effort and becomes a barrier to upgrades and staying current. Whilst tools aimed at business users and UAT exist to change this dynamic, the motivation for making the business case is to obtain such benefits is distributed between IT and the business, and that is not even taking into account who pays.

In the end the business overall will benefit from reduced effort in testing, reduced delivery timescales, greater efficiency, better quality and better documentation.  All desirable goals, but how do you sell this to management?

There is a navigable journey to a better place.  It is not a leap, it is a progressive sequence of incremental gains.  It will be worth the effort and this can be proven.

Take just 30 minutes of your time to join this webinar where we will walk you through this journey and highlight “selling” the quality aspect of the process to ensure buy in from all stakeholders (especially your bosses)..

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