See the Data your way!

Capturing and storing data is ok but the real value is the ability to cut and slice the data to provide the information you need to manage your quality processes. In Qualify a View is the key building block providing the ability to filter, sequence, group data to meet any need with mathematical functions simply defined. Once a View meets your needs a variety of charts can be rapidly created with an associated report created at the touch of a button. 

Layouts allow you to group Views together. For example the Views could be related so in a Layout you could see the Requirements, the supporting Test Cases, progress on the associated Tasks and any Defects raised. Alternatively a Layout can contain unrelated dat, perhaps including a view of high priority Defects, another view of Requirements yet to be started and finally a view of overrunning Testing Tasks. Once again with you Layout defined, an associated report is readily available. 

Dashboards comprise those that are automatically generated by Qualify but can be simply extended to reflect you own needs. 


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