The Past

HP QC and to a lesser extent, QTP are well established in the marketplace based on the inroads Mercury Interactive made last century. Like a Nokia phone, it was the best in its day, but its high costs, limited functionality, rigid structure and dependency on code means it is ill suited to modern, lean developments that demand high speed quality. 

Skip the CapEx!

You've made a substantial investment in your HP QC/ALM tool and you will be rightly concerned at justifying a capital requisition to replace it! So, to make it easy for you to move to a future proofed solution without any additional capital investment, we are offering to replace it, at no extra cost!

What's Next?

Simply fill in the form to the right and we will be in touch to arrange an initial conversation with one of our Product Specialists. We would love to show you what you could gain in comparison with HP Quality Center. If you would like to dig deeper, we will happily give you access to an evaluation environment and also discuss the financial benefits at the same time.

Technical Comparison?

If you would like a more tecnical side-by-side comparison to evaluate Original Software's Qualify vs. Quality Center, click here

Your world can look better!

Automated regression testing scripts that require a fraction of the effort to create and maintain compared to HP QTP scripts

Manual testing time reduced by 50% through assisted technology, compared to using spreadsheets and Word documents

Quality Management platform that concurrently supports any flavor of agile, iterative or waterfall project

Our ‘plug and play’ technology requires no technical skills and takes just minutes to become productive with. This time next week you could be well down the road to dramatically improving your ability to deliver software in time-scales that meet the competitive demands of your business:

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